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SSCS Features

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Common Features with all versions of SSCS:
Track the Location of Stock at any moment - system can be set up by items and footage.
Track Estimated versus Actual - is inaccurate surveying costing you money.
Track Scrap, Transfers and Stock Purchases - SSCS has powerful reporting functions that tells you all this and more.
Know The Weight and Cost for any Ticket - SSCS can optionally calculate both weight and cost automatically.
Full Security - different access levels can optionally be assigned. For example three levels can be set for Management, Standard and Ticket entry.
Simple To Use - designed for the NON-computer literate.
Job and Ticket Numbers - can be auto or manually generated.
Full Suite of Reports - gives you all the facts and nothing else.
Networkable - for multi site operations or single yard.

The bespoke version of SSCS software can be used straight-out-of-the-box, but we also know that every company is different, so there is the option to have SSCS tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Your stock is valuable, so track it! Do not get left behind in the ever changing face of the scaffolding industry.

Download a 30 day evaluation version or try a 30 day online version and see how the application performs for yourself.  Alternatively, if you would like to talk to us further about SSCS then please contact us.

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