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Welcome to the future of scaffolding stock control.  The Scaffolding Stock Control System (SSCS) is the first software of its kind.  It has been designed specifically for scaffolding companies and has been developed in conjunction with some of them to provide exactly what is required when controlling scaffold stock.

SSCS is not a full blown accounts package; it simply tells you how much stock you have, where your stock is and it's value.

There is no other product on the market that has been specifically designed by Scaffolders for Scaffolders. SSCS continues to be updated with all the new methodologies as they evolve in an ever changing world. SSCS is available as a standalone bespoke software application, or as a fully cloud based application.

Depending on your own particular requirement, the bespoke version of SSCS may be better suited for your needs more than the online version, or vice-versa.

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